Mudsplat Summary

'MudSplat' is an arcade like game where the player defeats mud throwing monsters by squirting water at them. The player can hear the monsters appearing on a line in front of him; he/she estimates their position (thanks to stereo pan) and has the possibility to move left or right (with keyboard or gamepad); then when he/she thinks a monster is in front of him, he can shoot with a water hose: the monster, who don't like to be clean, disappears. The monsters can also fire throwing mud (if hit, the player will loose one life).

After having defeated a certain number of monsters, the player will reach the next level. 25 levels of increasing difficulty allow skilled player to play for a long time, while beginners can still have fun on easy levels. The main traditional features of arcade games were implemented (like extra lives, levels, bonus objects, bonus levels,etc.). A high score list is maintained where the player may insert his name.

Available languages: English, French, Swedish, Error: message doesn't exist..

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